CRP5 - Clean Room Panel

Fitted with a diaphragm sensor for differential-pressure measurement

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The Clean Room Panel, which is fitted with a diaphragm sensor for differential-pressure measurement, is a top-quality device. Validated according to GMP directives, and with its well thought-out design, the CRP5 is optimized for applications in laboratories and clean rooms. Optical buttons, and the magnet-mounted, removable HC2-CRP humidity and temperature probe permit efficient and effective cleaning. Up to 6 measurement values and messages can be displayed via its graphical color display. The colors of the display can be adjusted individually. Alarms, such as faults, exceeded limit values, or warnings are highlighted on the CRP5 display, and can also be forwarded digitally via MODBUS, Ethernet, or relays. Thanks to its analog and digital communication capabilities, the CRP5 is very easy to integrate in any monitoring system. Its comprehensive functional capabilities allow the CRP5 to be configured perfectly for each application. The CRP5 is unique in the marketplace because of its tough glass front plate and a removable humidity sensor.

The CRP5 clean room panel is the obvious choice wherever a high degree of cleanliness is vital, in addition to precise measurement of differential pressure, humidity, and temperature. The CRP5 is especially well suited to clean rooms in hospitals, pharmaceutical, electronics, and food manufacturing industries, and wherever small variances in pressure are monitored. The very comprehensive functional capabilities of the CRP5 provide solutions for many measurement and control tasks.


Measures differential pressure, humidity and temperature
Designed specifically for clean rooms
Removable humidity and temperature probes for simpler adjustment and cleaning
FDA- and GAMP-compatible
Digital communication via Ethernet RJ45 and/or MODBUS TCP / RTU
Analog input and output signals freely configurable
Glass front panel highly resistant to chemicals
Optical operating elements for operation with protective gloves

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