SigmaPAC Distributed Programmable Automation Control system

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Programmable distributed control system that allows the complete distribution of the units signal interfaces: positioning the I/O modules next to the points of measure or activation, the costs of wiring are drastically reduced and the engineering activities of the plant are also simplified. The system is composed by a control unit and by different independent and autonomous IO modules.


  • DIN Rail Mount modular controller
  • CPU with service I/Os on Board
  • Connectible up to 32 Sigma I/O modules
  • IEC61131-3 programming
  • On-board main bus, ethernet serial and fieldbus ports for I/O expansion, programming and configuration
  • Customizable SMS alarm handling
  • Connectable to SCADA, Operator panels or mobile devices

Process inputs:

Analogue and digital inputs for any kind of sensor and transmitter according to the selected module

Process outputs

Analogue and digital outputs for any kind of sensor and transmitter according to the selected module

Power supply:



IEC61131-3 programming standards
Up to 6 different programming languages
- Multitasking
- Integrated control functions
   (with enhanced PID )
- Programmer, batch and logical (PLC).

Communication and programming:


X1 Configuration port
ModbusRTU Master/Slave, ASCII
Can be used to connect modems , HMIs,  for configuration and programming
X0 internal bus
CANOpen Network port
To connect I/O modules and other CANOpen compatible third party devices
X3 and X4 external fieldbus ports
- RS232 / RS485 ModbusRTU Master/Slave)
- Profibus-DP
- CANOpen
  To connect third party devices
 X2 Ethernet portM
Modbus TCP ethernet port
Used for configuration, programming and ModbusTCP server

Programming/configuration tools:

- Programming software according to IEC61131-3 standards


Mounting method: DIN rail mount
Case dimensions: 152 x 110 mm depth: 66mm


Communication port connections
2 Fieldbus ports Dsub 9
1 RS 232 Dsub 9
1 Internal bus port RJ45
1 Ethernet port RJ45
Signals connection
1 Extractable 11 pole plugs 5,0mm
- Spring terminals
- Screw terminals

Display and indicators

- High resolution data visualization with colour touch screen display
(sold separately)

Connectable to:

- Sigmadue Series
- SCADA for monitoring, traceability and remote management
- DX and DY gateways for remote monitoring
- OpenPCS IEC 61131-3 standards programming enviroment

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