InPro 4850i pH Probe for pH/ORP

Measurement in chlor-alkali processes

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Dual-membrane pH probe for chlor-alkali processes

The InPro4850i combination probe for pH/ORP measurement in chlor-alkali processes, combines accurate measurement with durability. The probe's sodium-sensitive glass membrane uses the sodium concentration of the chlor-alkali process brine as a reference. This reference system has no diaphragm and is therefore immune to chlorine and other oxidizing agents that lead to failure in other electrodes. The high quality pH-sensitive glass membrane is extremely resistant to chlor-alkali process conditions, ensuring precise pH measurement. 
Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology with digital signal conversion avoids high impedance signal transition to the transmitter, and ensures 100% signal integrity and stability. ISM also offers sensor self-diagnostics, pre-calibration of sensors, and Plug and Measure start up to simplify installation and maintenance tasks.
The combination of dual-membrane, sealed reference system and digitized signal makes the InPro4850i an extremely reliable and durable solution to pH and ORP measurement in the chlor-alkali industry.

Features and Benefits

Dual-membrane; pNa reference system
Long lifetime, hermetically sealed, high accuracy and low maintenance thanks to sodium reference and absence of diaphragm.
Solution ground and shielding
Stabilize the signal and enable redox measurement.
Digital signal
100% signal integrity. Immunity to electrical interference and signal distortion ensures stable and accurate data.
ISM ("Intelligent Sensor Management®") technology
ISM provides Plug and Measure installation, and predictive maintenance from sensor self-diagnostics. More information about ISM
Compliance with safety regulations for Ex-classified zones
The electrode is Ex-certified and can be used for processes in Ex-classified zones.
Short descriptionDual-membrane pH Electrode
Temperature range-10...120 °C (14...248°F)
Pressure resistance (bar)0...13 bar at 120 °C
Pressure resistance (psi)0...188 psi at 248°F
Reference systemSodium sensitive glass membrane
ATEX CertificationSEV 14 ATEX 0168 X
Ex ia IIC T6/T5/T4/T3 Ga/Gb
IECEx Certificate of ConformityIECEx SEV 14.0025X
Ex ia IIC T6/T5/T4/T3 Ga/Gb
FM approvalIS/ I, II, III /1 /ABCDEFG /T6
Length12mm, 230mm

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