GUAR Gasket

For IP65 protection, in neoprene mousse material

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Gasket protection for several sizes.


GUAR 6993: IP65 gasket for 65 x 33 mm case
GUAR 6927: IP65 gasket for 75 x 33 mm case (old style unit)
GUAR 6925: IP65 gasket for 78 x 35 mm case (new style unit)
GUAR 6923: IP65 gasket for 48 x 48 mm case
GUAR 6973: IP65 gasket for 48 x 96 mm case
GUAR 6974: IP65 gasket for 72 x 72 mm case
GUAR 6926: IP65 gasket for 181 x 36 mm case
Protection factor : IP 65 front protection

Connectable to

All Ascon Tecnologic products according to dimensions

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