A01 Programming key Universal “Key”

For a fast and reliable Tecnologic’s instruments configuration.

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An instrument to copy its parameters from the memory of the instrument to the memory of the key and vice versa
A second key to integrally copy its parameters 
A Personal computer  
A Personal computer and an instrument; in this case the possibilities are two:  
    1) TTL <-> USB (it allows the dialogue with whatever Ascon Tecnologic device)  
    2) RS485 <-> USB (it allows the dialogue with whatever device, even if not an Ascon Tecnologic one,  
       equipped with RS485 interface)


Power supply:

- 9V to 12 VDC (from external power supply)
Power supply output to power the controllers for programming purposes


Selectable by 4 dip switches:

- Mode 1 Check up of the key firmware version
- Mode 2 Data copy, from instrument to key
- Mode 3 Data copy, from key to key
- Mode 4 Both configurations and data/programs copy, from key to instrument
- Mode 5 Configuration copy, from key to instrument
- Mode 6 Programs/data copy, from key to instrument
- Mode 7 USB – RS 485 converter
- Mode 8 USB – TTL converter without filtering(FF)(compatible with the past)
- Mode 9 USB – TTL with filtering (FF)
- Mode 10 Dialogue between key and PC with 3 initial (FF)(compatible with the past)
- Mode 11 Dialogue between key and PC without 3 initial (FF)

Communication and programming:


- non-isolated TTL
- RS485 interface, not isolated to PC or controllers
- Mini-USB to PC


Case dimensions: 43 x 98 mm, depth 18 mm


Communication port connection
- Male connector: JST S 5B-PH-KL
- Female connector: SAMTEC SQT-105-02-L-S
- Phoenix MC 1,5/3-G-3.5
Power supply connector:Dc power jack 1.3mm

Connectable to:

Controllers and thermostats with TTL port

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