Pneumatic Actuator Linear Type(ALCD Series)

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Item ALC150D ALC200D ALC250D ALC300D
Operating Type Linear Type(Double Acting)
Operating Media Compressed Dry Air
Operating Pressure 4 ~ 7kg/cm2
Oprating Range Depending On The Valve
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 80°C(Option : -40°C ~ 200°C)

Parts & Material

No. Part Name Materials No. Part Name Materials
1 Cylinder Steel Alloy 12 Cylinder Guide Nut Stainless Steel
2 Piston Steel Alloy 13 Cylinder Guide Washer Stainless Steel
3 Piston Guide Ring Engineering Plastic 14 Cylinder Guide Nut Stainless Steel
4 Piston O-Ring NBR 15 Piston Rod Steel Alloy
5 Cylinder Cover(Bottom) Steel Alloy 16 Piston Fixing Bolt Steel Alloy
6 Cylinder Cover O-Ring NBR 17 Bracket Steel Alloy
7 Piston Rod O-Ring NBR 18 Bracket Bolt Stainless Steel
8 Cylinder Cover(Top) Steel Alloy 19 Bracket Washer Stainless Steel
9 Cylinder Cover O-Ring NBR 20 Stopper Washer Stainless Steel
10 Cylinder Guide Bolt Steel Alloy 21 Stopper Nut Stainless Steel
11 Cylinder Guide Washer Stainless Steel 22 Stopper Bolt Stainless Steel

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