Electric Actuator Rotary Type

Hard anodized aluminum casting;
Sealed by O ring in all interfaces;
EP type grease, maintenance free service.

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Rotary Flange Type Valve

Rated current (A) 50/60HzNo ofWei-

Small ATM-Series

ATM0020255011Ø9 x 9E0.45/0.440.26/0.250.03/0.310.28/0.403N/A1
ATM0040405014-DecØ14 x 14E0.49/0.480.29/0.280.32/0.330.30/0.423.57.53
ATM0080805016/14Ø17 x 17E0.92/0.880.48/0.460.18/0.170.17/0.162.977

Regular ATM-Series


Large ATM-Series


Standard Specifications

  Enclosure  Weatherproof IP67, NEMA 4X and 6, O-ring sealed (ATM0020 & ATM0040 : IP66)
  Main Power supply  24VDC, 110/220VAC/1Ph/50/60Hz, 380/440VAC/3Ph/50/60Hz ±10%, (ATM0020 & ATM0040 : 1Phase)
  Control power supply  110/220VAC/1Ph/50/60Hz ±10%
  Duty cycle (on-off)  S2 : 10min ~ 30min
  Duty cycle (modulating)  S4 : 30 ~ 50%, 300 ~ 1200 start/hour
  Motor  Squirrel cage induction motor
  Limit switches  2 each for open and close(SPDT 250VAC/10A rating)
  Torque switches  2 each for open and close(SPDT 250VAC/10A rating except for ATM0020/0040/0080/0100)
  Stall protection/set temp.  Built in thermal protection, open 150℃ ±5℃, close 97℃ ±15℃
  Travel angle  90˚ ± 5˚ (0℃ ~ 100℃)
  Position indicator  Continuous mechanical indicator with arrow
  Manual override  De-clutchable (except for ATM0020 : N/A, ATM0040 : by shaft, ATM0080 : by wrench)
  Self locking  Provided by double worm gearing (no brake) (except for ATM0020/0040/0080)
  Mechanical stopper  1 each for each travel end (open and close), external adjustable (except for ATM0020/0040)
  Space heater  5W(110/220VAC) for anti condensation
  Cable entries  2-PF3/4" TAP except for ATM0020 : 1-PG11, ATM0040 : 2-PG13.5, ATM0080 : 2-M20X1.5
  Lubrication  EP type grease
  Terminal block  screw and lever push type(spring loaded)
  Ambient temperature  Basic actuator : -20℃ ~ +70℃ except for ATM0020 : -10℃ ~ +65℃ c/w control option : -10℃ ~ +60℃
  Ambient humidity  90%RH Max (Non-condensing)
  Anti vibration  XYZ 10g. 02 ~ 34 Hz, 30 miinutes
  External coating  Dry powder(Polyester), Blue Color, Munsell No. B-0188

Options Available


EXExplosion proof(Exd IIB T4)/Approved by KTLExcept for ATM0020/0040/0080
WTWaterright(IP68), Temporary submersible/10M Head 1000hoursExcept for ATM0020/0040/0080
ALSAuxiliary limit switches(Max 2 for each travel end)Except for ATM0020/0040
ATSAuxiliary torque switches(Max 2 for each travel end)Except for ATM0020/0040/0080/0100
EXTExtended travel angle(up to 120˚, 135˚, 180˚, 270˚)Except for ATM with Large ATM-Series
SVVariation in torque and operating speedPlease consult before ordering

K  Potentiometer Kit(output signal:0~1kohm) 
  High resolution potentiometer and precisely machined gearing
  are directly engaged with drive shaft to feedback
  continuous position of valve
CT  Current Transmitter(output signal:4~20mA)
  Zero/Span Adjustment
  Convertible DIP switch(4 wire to 2 wire)
RPC/Signal  Remote Position Controller(by input and output signal)
Configulation  Input:4~20mA, 0~10VDC, 2~10VDC, 1~5VDC, 0~5VDC
   Output:4~20mA, 0~10VDC, 2~10VDC, 1~5VDC, 0~5VDC
   Auto calibration
   Reverse operating direction

LP4 / LM4  LP4 for 1 & 3Phase(ATM0160~9000)
  Control power : Free Voltage(85~265VAC)50/60Hz, Option : 24VDC
  Magnetci slector switches, SMPS(Switching Module Power Supply)
  : Open/Close & Local/Stop/Remote
  Local lamp indication
  : Power-White(on), Remote : Blue(on)
  : In case of Close Torque Switch Trip-
  Yellow(on)+Green(flickering:only at Local Position)
  : In case of Open Torque Switch Trip-
  Yellow(on)+Red(flickering:only at Local Position)
  : Full Close-Green(on), Closing-Green(flickering:only at Local Position)
  : Full Open-Red(on), Opening-Red(flickering:only at Local Position)
  ※ Options Available:PK, CT, RPC(Modulating), IP68, Explosion proof
  LM4 for 3 Phase(ATM0160~9000)
  Including the same function as LP4
  Revesing electric contactors, Transformer

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