SBF Floating servomotor with 5 Nm torque

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  • Servomotor with Ø10mm shaft
  • Three position input contacts (Open/Stop/Close)
  • Feedback potentiometer (optional)
  • Auxilary switches(optional)
  • Rotation time: 7.5...120 s for 90°
  • Rotation angle:
    • 90° Standard
    • - 20°...180° on request
  • Output shaft: 10 mm rounded
  • Versatile mounting and simple replacement for existing actuators

Process inputs:

Three position input contacts (Open/Stop/Close)

Process outputs:

Servomotor output shaft Ø10mm

- Rotation Time:
   7.5, 15, 30, 60, 120s for 90° at 50 Hz
- Nominal Torque: 5Nm
- Mantaining torque: 3Nm
- Rotation angle:
   Standard 90°
   Adjustable -20°...180°C

Feedback signal:

Potentiometer: 150 Ω, 1K Ω, 2,5K Ω, 5K Ω

2 Microswitch (optional):

Power supply:

- 24 VAC
- 115 VAC
- 230 VAC


- Versatile mounting and simple
   replacement for existing actuators
- Sturdy, compact construction,
   suitable for industrial applications
- Adjustable rotation angle
- Cams easly adjustable though friction
- Wide range of accessories on request


- Installation in any position
Case dimensions: 108 x 242 x 148 mm
Inclusive of Shaft
Servomotor output shaft Ø10mm

Display and indicators

- Optional mechanical indicator on actuator cover

Connectable to:

- Any controller from Ascon Tecnologic range with the appropriate I/Os

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