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The Pneumatic Cylindric Actuator - ACP300 Series Combines the power of pneumatic cylinders and the FY300 Series capabilities - smart microprocessed positioner that allows applications in modulating control. More than taking the microprocessor to the actuator, the ACP300 Series is presented in linear and rotary versions, giving the user a wide choice of applications in the many final control elements such as dampers for furnace draft control, water gates, heavy valves and other applications requiring movement control.
The ACP300 receives a control signal from the controller and moves the cylinder to the exact position of control according to the control strategy and loop tuning. With the intelligence integration to the actuator, the ACP300 allows the user to configure the opening characteristic of the cylinder with the control of movement. In case the standard curves do not comply with the control requirements, it is possible to configure the ACP300 Series on a user-adjustable 16-point curve.
Furthermore, the HART®, Foundation fieldbus or PROFIBUS-PA communication protocols allow easy interface between the field and the control room and several features that reduce installation, operation and maintenance costs.


  • Available for 4 to 20 mA, HART®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and PROFIBUS-PA communication protocols;
  • Compact and modular design;
  • Easy to install;
  • Automatic Setup;
  • Most usual Characteristic Curves and 16-point user defined;
  • Control valve diagnostics for maintenance;
  • Non-contact position measurement via Hall Effect sensor;
  • Position sensor available for remote mounting;
  • Applications in severe vibration and high temperatures;
  • Local adjustment without need to open the housing;
  • For linear and rotary applications;
  • Display rotation for easy reading in any position;
  • Supports DD and EDDL, suitable for FDT/DTM applications;
  • Built-in transient suppression;
  • For Single or Double Action pneumatic actuator;
  • Change of valve opening characteristic via software;
  • Auto lubrication, with no need for external lubricants;
  • Optional limit switch for pneumatic cylinder;
  • Integrated Pressure regulator and Filter;
  • Positioner: weather proof, explosion proof and intrinsically safe;
  • Hazardous Area Certification, including use in saline atmospheres.

ISO Pneumatic Cylinder

  • ISO 6431, VDMA 24562, NFE 49-003-1, BS and CETOP standards;
  • Double action;
  • Double shock absortion;
  • Magnetic piston;
  • Anodized Aluminum cover;
  • Injected Aluminum heads;
  • Polyurethane piston and rod sealing;
  • Stainless Steel rod with rubber or polyester protection;
  • Maximum work pressure of the cylinder: 10 bar (NOTE:The maximum operation pressure of the ACP300 positioner is 7 bar).;
  • Operation temperature: -20 ºC to 80 ºC;
  • Female back articulation;
  • Male bracket for back articulation and pin;
  • Rod fork with pin;
  • Linear ACP;
    • Diameter: 63 to 160 mm;
    • Travel: 100 to 1000 mm.
  • Rotary ACP:
    • Diameter: 100 mm;
    • Travel: 400 mm. 

Limit Switch

  • Magnetic sensor:
    • Voltage: 10 to 220 Vac/dc;
    • Current: 100 mA (maximum).
  • External fixing through appropriate bracket;
  • Sensor Protection grade: IP65 (not suitable for hazardous areas applications);
  • Not dependent of the FY300 operation, must be used only as an indicative system of actuator position at end of travels. 

Mounting Bracket

  • The bracket complies with the diameters of ISO6431 cylinders series;
  • Materials: Cast Aluminum with low magnesium contents, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel with superficial treatment, Bronze and Technyl. 

Dimensional Drawing


ACP300 Linear

ACP300 Linear



ACP300 Rotative

ACP300 Rotative

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