Clean Process Measurement Fittings

Zero deadleg tees for pressure, temperature and point level sensors

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The Anderson CPM (clean process measurement) tee is the zero branch length fitting with the smallest hold up volume in the industry. In small line sizes L/D ratios can quickly grow to lengths which can increase rinse times during cleaning. By using the CPM and bringing the sensor surface directly in line with the process this concern can be alleviated. With complimentary sensor options for pressure, temperature, and point level the CPM is the logical choice for measurement in fractional lines as small as ¼”.

Many sanitary fluid process systems in pharmaceutical and biotechnology plants are designed to reduce or eliminate “dead-legs,” pockets, and hold-up volume. Measuring pressure accurately and repeatedly in such systems has been a challenge until now. By specifying CPM fittings for all pressure measurement applications, customers are assured of maximum sterility, cleanability, and performance. The CPM instrument connection places the sensing diaphragm virtually “flush” with the process flow!

Specifications/Spare Parts
316L Stainless Steel
2.0 INCH
4.0 INCH
3/4 INCH
7/8 INCH
Materials and Finishes
316L SS Electropolished (Ra Max = 15 min, 0.38 mm)
varies by line size
L/D Ratio

Spare Parts

56096A0001 Epdm Usp Class Vi - Standard Cpm (123)
56096A0002 Silicone (Clear)- Standard Cpm (123)
56096A0003 Viton 3107 - Standard Com (123)
56096B0001 Epdm Usp Class Vi -Mini Cpm (161)
56096B0002 Silicone (Clear)-Mini Cpm (161)
56096B0003 Viton 3107-Mini Cpm (161)

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