Alcoholic Degree Measurement System

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EDT300 Series is the ideal solution for continuous online measurement of alcoholic degree in industrial processes. The measurement can be expressed as alcohol by volume (°GL) or alcohol by weight (°INPM). The EDT300 provides high accuracy and repeatability, besides of easy installation and maintenance.

The EDT300 can be installed, for example, in the output of the ethanol distillation column. It is not necessary to cool the fluid since the EDT300 can measure the ethanol in the process temperature. The automatic control of this process can be done based on the alcoholic degree, affording excellent results, such as increased productivity and better control of product specification.

EDT series has three technology options: 4-20 mA + HART (EDT301), FOUNDATION fieldbus (EDT302) and PROFIBUS PA (EDT303) for configuration, monitoring and diagnostics.


  • Accuracy: ± 0,05°GL;
  • Range of measurement: 0 to 100°GL;
  • Process temperature: 10 to 100°C;
  • Integral sensor of temperature for compensation;
  • Two wire loop powered;
  • Digital LCD indicator;
  • Process connection: flange ½” – ANSI B16.5;
  • Material of the wetted parts:

o    Probe: AISI 316L
o    Enclosure: AISI 316

  • Factory calibration and selfcalibration;
  • In field re-calibration:

o   No standard reference required;
o   No lab calibration required;
o   No process shutdown;

  • Totally digital: sensor, electronics and communication;
  • Remote configuration via: HPC401, CONF401, FDT/DTM, etc;
  • Local adjustment via magnetic screwdriver (FOUNDATION™ fieldbus e PROFIBUS-PA);
  • Weather proof, explosion proof and intrinsically safe;



EDT300 – Dimensional Drawing

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