M2000A Lab Standard Voltage/Current Bench Calibrators

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An all around excellent value for a very stable and accurate benchtop calibrator

The Martel M2000A bench calibrator sets a standard in lab calibrator value – the M2000A features the accuracy and stability of calibration sources costing twice as much – and provides useful features no other calibrator offers in its class! Despite its world-class performance and powerful operating features, the M2000A calibrator is very simple to setup and use.

Simple Data Entry

The M2000A provides simple, front-panel control of output voltage or current using either direct keyboard entry or cursor entry.

The M2000A calibrator has an automatic OPERATOR/STANDBY function, which not only protects the device under test and the M2000A form overload conditions, but also provides UL/CSA certified safe operation when ranging to output voltages over 30V.

A second function key provides easy access for up to nine setpoints for each output range that can be recalled individually at the touch of a button, or can be stepped through automatically with control of the setpoint dwell time.

Remote Control

All of the M2000A operating functions can be accessed via RS-232 using a standard PC running Fluke Met/Cal® software, Windows® HyperTerminal, Visual Basic or any other software using an ASCII interface. An IEEE-488 bus interface is also standard.

Rock Solid

The M2000A stability and accuracy is traceable to NIST standards. The accuracy of the M2000A is specified for both 90-day and one year intervals.

General Features

  • Superior calibration accuracy
  • Direct keyboard entry or cursor entry with decade control
  • Automatic standby function protects device under test
  • Nine (9) manual/automatic setpoints per output range
  • Local or RS232 remote control
  • IEEE-488 (GPIB) port included
  • Compatible with Fluke Met/Cal® software
  • Optional rack/panle mount kit available
Output Voltage
Range & Resolution
0 to 100 mV Range1 uV
0 to 1 V Range10 uV
0 to 10 V Range100 uV
0 to 100 V Range1 mV
Accuracy (% of reading)
0 to 100 mV Range±0.003% (30 ppm) ± 3.0 uV
0 to 1 V Range±0.003% (30 ppm) ± 20.0 uV
0 to 10 V Range±0.003% (30 ppm) ± 200.0 uV
0 to 100 V Range±0.003% (30 ppm) ± 2.0 mV
Maximum Burden 1 Ohm output impedance)
0 to 100 mV Range10 mA
0 to 1 V Range10 mA
0 to 10 V Range10 mA
0 to 100 V Range1 mA (10mA @ 24 VDC)
Output Current
Range0 to 100.000 mA
Resolution1 uA
Accuracy (% of reading)± 0.01% ± 2 uA
Maximum Burden10V
Warm-up Time30 minutes to rated accuracy
Temperature CoefficientLess than 18°C or greater than 28°C10% of accuracy spec/°C
Temperature Range
Operating Temperature0 °C to +50 °C , 32 °F to 122 °F
Storage-20 °C to +70 °C (-4 °F to +158 °F)
Power Requirements
Voltage Range90 to 240 VAC (factory set)
Dimensions11.5" x 4.7" x 8.75" (H x W x D)
29.21 cm x 11.83 cm x 22 cm
Weight5 lbs (2.27 kg)
Display(16) Large characters x 2 lines
Alphanumeric, backlit high contrast LCD

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