Parshall Flume

For flow measurement in creeks, irrigation and/or drainage channels, sewer outfalls, wastewater treatment plants, etc

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Arkon Parshall Flumes are primary flow devices with a wide range of applications, for measuring open channel flow. They can be used for flow measurement in creeks, irrigation and/or drainage channels, sewer outfalls, waste water treatment plants, etc. Arkon parshall flumes are made of polypropylene and are resistant to air temperatures up to 80°C (however, water inside the flume must not get frozen). Moreover, Arkon parshall flumes can stand up well the solutions of inorganic salts, acids and bases that do not exhibit strong oxidation properties, and a majority of organic solvents. Maximum size of suspended solids is limited to 80% of the throat width (dmax = 0.8 w). Arkon Flow Systems also provides checking of your hydraulic projects of parshall flumes for free and hydraulic calculation of parshall flumes installations (via email).


  • A relatively low energy loss (3–4 times lower than in sharp-crested weirs).
  • A small sensitivity to a velocity distribution in an approach channel.
  • Flow rate measurement even under drowned conditions.
  • Velocities inside a parshall flume are high enough to prevent it from the deposition of sediments or accumulation of debris.
  • Minimum maintenance requirements.
  • A wide range of flow rates.
  • A long lifetime.

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