InPro 8100 Turbidity Sensors for Biotechnological Applications

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The sterilizable turbidity sensor (130 °C/266 °F) for measurements at high turbidity

The InPro 8100 turbidity sensor is used for the measurement of turbidity in biotechnological applications - typically biomass growth in fermenters (cell density). A system is completed with a Trb8300 transmitter and an appropriate sensor housing from the InFit or InTrac family.

The single optical fiber sensor InPro 8100 provides a wide linear measuring range - even in ranges where competing absorbance probes have long reached their saturation limit. Backscattered light technology and the use of fiber optic cables enable a sensor design with uniform, unbroken surface structure. Therefore InPro 8100 sensors are able to meet the toughest demands placed on optical sensors with respect to freedom of fouling and easy cleanability. Trouble-free transfer from laboratory/pilot operation to production level eliminates costs which normally result from required changes of measuring methods. This consistency is possible due to the use of fiber optic technology which enables compact sensor design.

Features and Benefits

Improved process control at high concentrations
Single fiber backscattered light technology provides a wide linear measuring range up to 250 g/l suspended solids.
Reduced investment costs
Suitable from laboratory benchtop level to commercial process installation due to compact 12 mm design.
Enhanced process safety
Freedom from fouling and with easy cleanability due to uniform, unbroken sensor surface structure.
Length120, 205, 297 or 407 mm (4.70, 8.07, 11.69 or 16.02")
Material1.4435 (316L)
Measurement range10...4000 FTU, 0...250 g/l
Mounting optionsPg 13.5 thread
Pressure resistance (bar)6 bar
Pressure resistance (psi)87 psi
Temperature range-30...130 °C (-22...266 °F)
Fiber cable3 m fixed duplex fiber optic cable
Fiber optic connectors2
Diameter12 mm (0.47")
Featuressteam sterilizable

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