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Advanced Process Control

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Advanced Process Control

The M400 2-wire/4-wire transmitters are single-channel, multi-parameter units for pH / ORP, oxygen, dissolved carbon dioxide, and conductivity measurement. Thanks to the unique mixed-mode input, which allows the use of digital ISM or analog sensors, the M400 offers a unique and smooth transition from analog to digital technology.

Advanced predictive diagnostics is one of the main benefits of the M400 transmitter series. Measurement data and sensor diagnostics tools such as the Dynamic Lifetime Indicator and Adaptive Calibration Timer can be output to control systems over a second analog output. Additionally, the M400 2-wire is compatible with Foundation fieldbus or HART protocols.

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM), global hazardous area approvals, and the rugged design of the M400 transmitter series provide outstanding operating reliability and process safety in the most demanding applications.


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