CF1 Series CO2 measurement transducers

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The CF1 series is the latest development in quality performance CO2 measurement transducers with integrated humidity and temperature measurement. The unit has the proven Hygromer® IN1 sensor, and an unrivaled performance. Its elegant design fits in perfectly in offices, schools, public buildings, etc. With the Rotronic SW21/HW4 software, altering the scaling is a simple matter, and the measurement transducer can be adjusted and calibrated in the humidity and CO2 ranges.


  • Measures CO2, relative humidity, and temperature
  • Hygromer® IN-1 humidity sensor
  • Adjustable at 35 %RH or 80 %RH
  • Scalable analog voltage or current outputs
  • Single-relay output
  • Small size
  • Compatible with HW4 software
  • Three programmable LEDs
ParametersHumidity / temperature and CO2
DimensionsType R: 131 x 86 x32 (H,W,D) mm
Type S: 120 x 86 x 32 (H,W,D) mm
WeightType R: approx.115 g / Type S: approx.135 g
Range of applicationElectronics: 0 .. 50 °C Measuring range probe dependent 0 .. 100 %RH, non-condensing
Accuracy at 23 ±5 °C<3 % RH (10..90 %RH) / ± 0.3, ± 1 K type S with display
0 .. 2000 ppm: ± 40 ppm ± 3 % of measured value
0 .. 5000 ppm: ± 10 % of measured value
Measurement principleInfrared (NDIR)
Measurement ranges0..2000 ppm or 0..5000 ppm
Adjustment points0, 400 ppm and 35, 80 %RH
Pressure dependency+1.6 % reading per kPa
Power supply / Power consumption12..28 VAC / 15..40 VDC
86.5 mA
Long-term stability< 1.5 %RH per year
Humidity sensorROTRONIC HYGROMER® IN-1
Standard temperature scale0...50 °C or 0...100 °F
Temperature sensorThermistor
Response timeRH: 30s (63 % of a rise 35 .. 80 %RH) without filter / T: 4 s / CO2: <3 min diffusion time
Analog outputs3 analog outputs (1 for each parameter) The mA and V output is not exchangeable. It is always fixed as mA or V. CF132 is the current output, CF135 is the voltage output
Analog output signal (standard)4 .. 20 mA / 0..1 V / 10 V exchangeable via SW21/HW4 software
Enclosure materialABS
IP protection ratingIP30
Load per analog outputV signal: ≥1kΩ / V; mA signal: ≤500 Ω
Load per analog outputV signal: ≥1kΩ / V; mA signal: ≤500 Ω
RelayExchangeable via software for each parameter
max. switching voltage: 30 VDC / 125 VAC
max. switching load: 1A at 30 VDC / 0.5A at 125 VAC
min. switching load: 0.01 mA at 10 mV DC
RoHs conformityYes
CE / EMC conform2014/30/EU / EN61000-6-1 / EN61000-6-2 / EN61000-6-3 / EN61000-6-4

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