InPro 7108-VP/PEEK Conductivity Meter

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For medium/high conductivity measurements in the chemical industry.

The 4-electrode sensor InPro 7108-VP/PEEK is used in medium/high conductivity applications where the chemical compatibility of the material is critical. It has been specially designed and ruggedly built to withstand the most aggressive chemical solutions. The 1" thread allows direct installation in pipes and the compact design allows easy installation, even in small pipes. For very aggressive chemicals, the sensor is also available with electrodes made of Hastelloy.

WideRange technology makes the sensor suitable for a variety of applications in the chemical industry such as rinsing, washing, control of dilution processes and monitoring of salt content. The sterilizable sensor will also withstand CIP/SIP procedures. The watertight (IP68) VarioPin connector ensures an excellent signal transmission even under extremely humid conditions and direct water contact.

Features and Benefits

WideRange technology
Wide measuring range whilst maintaining a compact sensor design. This allows cost-saving installation and standardization in many applications.
Increased reliability
The IP68 rated VarioPin connector system ensures excellent and hassle-free signal transmission and stops problems associated with humidity. It also saves money compared to fixed cable installations.
Chemical resistance
PEEK (Poly-ether-ether-ketone) is a high performance material that resists to most of the chemical solutions found in the chemical industry. Depending on the applications, electrodes made of stainless steel or Hastelloy are available.
Max. pressure (bar)17 bar (25 °C), 7 bar (95 °C)
Max. pressure (psi)250 psi (77 °F), 100 psi (203 °F)
Meas. Range / Transmitter0.02-650 mS/cm
Temperature range-10...140 °C (14...284 °F)
Temperature accuracy±0.25 °C (25 °C)
Cell factor0.25 1/cm (nominal)
Sensor materialPEEK (FDA)
O-rings, insulationPEEK (FDA)
Temperature sensorPt1000
Segment /ApplicationChemical concentration measurements

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