InPro 7250ST PEEK Conductivity Sensor

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For medium and high conductivity measurements.

The InPro 7250ST electrodeless sensor made of PEEK is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals and may be used for most routine applications. Main fields of application are in the chemical industry (CPI) as well as monitoring industrial effluents. A variety of available process adapters allows simple installation into almost every type of process.
The sensors of the InPro7250 Series are fully compatible with METTLER TOLEDO’s "Advanced and Premium Line" transmitters offering two and four wire instruments.

Features and Benefits

Strong in industrial wastewater and chemicals

Made of chemically resistant PEEK (polyetheretherketone), this sensor shows no polarization, is insensitive to contamination, fouling or film formation on the sensor surface, extreme robust, easy to install and therefore suitable for a wide range of applications.

Compatible with METTLER TOLEDO's "Advanced and Premium Line"transmitters

METTLER TOLEDO transmitters offer a variety of advantages and benefits providing highest reliability, easy operation and advanced diagnostics. Amongst others, advanced software allows concentrations of a wide range of acids and caustic solutions to be displayed.
Cell factor2.175
Accuracy± (0.5 % of measured value + 25 μS)
Measurement range0...2000 mS/cm
Temperature range-20 to 100 °C (-4 to 212 °F)
Max. pressure (bar)8 bar
Max. pressure (psi)116 psi
Sensor materialPEEK, glass-fiber reinforced (GF30)
O-rings, insulationViton®
Temperature sensorPt1000
ApplicationChemical and industrial effluent
Material Number(s)52 002 736 (3m cable length)

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