Since 1982, Industrial Technical Services has been providing Certified On site and off site Calibrations to Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Plastic, Metal, Automotive and other manufacturing industries. 

We provide certified on site and off site calibrations and provide certificates of calibration to keep your equipment compliant and to enable you to maintain proper records for regulatory requirements. 

All of test equipment used for calibration are certified and traceable to National and International Standards.

We also keep records as your backup and will even remind you when your calibrations become due. 

Our Staff of Qualified and experienced technicians is available per your schedule. 

We keep your instruments calibrated so that you can be confident that your measured parameters and process conditions as indicated are as accurate and reliable as can be.

We provide Routine and Certified calibration on a regular basis for various types of instruments.

Certified Calibration

Maintaining compliance, instruments must be certified.  Certificates of Calibration are completed on-site and issued where required. Instruments we certify include but is not limited to recorders, controllers, transmitters, indicators, control valves analyzers, instruments to measure and control temperature, pressure, flow, level, conductivity, relative humidity, resistivity, pH etc. We calibrate power supplies and multi-meters and other test equipment.

Shop and Field Calibration Services

Our shop facilities and technicians are equipped with test equipment that enables us to provide both Shop services and field services. With the variety of instruments and applications, ranging from the latest in technology to dated but operational equipment we are prepared to do what it takes to keep our customers well serviced.

Turn Around Time: 

Our Standard turn around time for shop calibrations (in house calibrations in our Mississauga, ON facility) is 7 business days. We offer expedited services for a quicker turn around time as an optional service to our customers.