Z31A Digital electronic thermostat with defrost function

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  • 1 probe input, 1 relay output and buzzer
  • Available with "Sensitive Touch" and extractable terminal block.

1 input for temperature probes:
PTC KTY81-121 (990 Ω @ 25 °C)
NTC 103AT-2 (10KΩ @ 25 °C)
Overall accuracy: ± 0.5 % fs + 1 digit
Keyboard: Mechanical and "Sensitive-Touch"

1 relay output:
OUT1 SPDT or SPST-NO 16A-AC1, 6A-AC3 250 VAC, 1 HP 250 VAC, 1/2HP 125 VAC
12 A max for each terminal with extractable terminal block
Internal buzzer for alarm indication

Power supply:
- 12 VAC/VDC ±10%
- 12...24 VAC/VDC ±10%
- 100...240 VAC ±10%
Frequency AC: 50/60 Hz
Power consuption: around 4 VA

Control functions
Stand-By mode
Control strategies :
Up to 4 configurable alarms:
- Probe error “E1”, “-E1”
- Temperature tresholds: “Hi”, “Lo”
Compressor protection
Start-up delay

Communication and configuration:
Communication on TTL port to:
- Universal programming key
- Remote display

- 78x35 mm, depth 64 mm + 11.5 mm with extractable terminal block
- 2.5 mm² screw terminals block
- 2.5 mm² extractable screw terminals block
IP65 front frame protection, with gasket
1 display with 3 digits, h 15.5 mm, red or blue colour

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