TLZ35 DIN rail mount digital thermostat with defrost

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The model TLZ 35 is a digital controller with microprocessor that is typically used in cooling applications that have temperature control with ON/OFF regulation and defrosting control with set time by means of stopping compressor. The instrument has up to 2 relay outputs, one input for PTC or NTC temperature probes and a digital input, that can be configured. The 2 outputs can be used for controlling the compressor or the temperature control device (OUT) and an alarm (AL). The instrument is equipped with 4 programme keys, a 4-digit display and 3 LED signals, in addition to an internal buzzer that is the sound system for alarms. Other important characteristics of the instrument are: programme parameters protection using personalised password, switching on and off (stand-by) of the instrument using the “U” front key, configuration of parameters via the KEY 01 device and the possibility of power supply in the range 100 ... 240 VAC


  • DIN Rail mount controller: 70 x 84 mm, depth 60 mm (4 DIN)
  • 1 Configurable probe input
  • Up to 2 relay outputs
  • Internal buzzer
  • 1 display, 4 digits
  • Red colour

Process inputs:

1 temperature probe input

- PTC KTY81-121 (990 Ω @ 25 °C)
- NTC 103AT-2 (10KΩ @ 25 °C)
Overall accuracy: ± 0,5 % fs

1 digital input

- Free Voltage


Mechanical keyboard:
4 multifunction keys

Process outputs

Up to 2 relay outputs

- 1 relay SPST-NO 16 A-AC1,6 A-AC3 / 250 VAC
- 1 relay SPDT 16 A-AC1,6 A-AC3 / 250 VAC
- Relay SPST-NO 5 A-AC1 (2 AAC3/ 250 VAC)

Power supply:

- 12 VAC/VDC± 10%
- 24VDC/VAC ± 10%
- 100… 240 Vac (50/60 Hz) ± 10%


- Stand-by mode
- ON/OFF control
- Start-up delay
- Compressor protection


Defrost start/stop:
- Manual
- Time based
Defrost methods:
- By compressor stop


Configurable alarm within the following  types:
- Probe errors
- Temperature tresholds: (Hi / Lo)
- External alarms “AL”

Communication and programming:


Communication on TTL port to: 
- Universal programming key

Programming/configuration tools:

- Easy to use front interface for configuration
- Configuration software available for PC


Mounting method: DIN Rail Mount
      suggested for electrical cabinets)
Case dimensions:
      70 x 84 mm, depth 60 mm (4 DIN module)


Signals connection
- 2,5 mm² screw terminals block

Display and indicators

1 display line, 4 digit, h: 12 mm, red colour
3 indicating LEDs

Connectable to:

- Programming key A01 for PC connection, backup and other functions

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