MicroPAC M81 Multifunction programmable compact controller

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They allow to perform advanced PID control besides logics and sequences; they can be interfaced to other devices through the most common field buses and are programmed with 6 different languages defined by the standard IEC 61131-3. Wide libraries of function blocks for the implementation of the logics and process controls.


  • DIN Rail Mount controller
  • 8 temperature probes and 4 high level analogue inputs
  • 12 configurable digital inputs
  • Up to 4 Voltage analogue outputs
  • 10 Digital outputs
  • Off-the shelf modular and customizable product
  • Programming according to IEC61131-3 standards
  • On-board Ethernet and serial ports for I/O expansion, programming and configuration
  • Customizable SMS alarm handling
  • Connectable to SCADA, Operator panels or mobile devices

Process inputs:

8 temperature probes inputs

- NTC 103AT-2 (10KΩ @ 25 °C)
- RTD: Pt1000 (1000 Ω @ 0° C)

4 High level inputs

- Voltage (V):  0...10 V
- Current (mA): 0/4...20 mA
- Ratiometric (5 V ref.)

12 configurable digital inputs

- Free Voltage
3 Groups of 4 channels each

I/Os may be increased with expansion and remote modules

Process outputs

Up to 4 analogue outputs:

- Voltage (V):  0...10 V

10 Digital outputs:

2 Relays
8 Relays

I/Os may be increased with expansion and remote modules

Power supply:



Versatile and freely programmable control system
Integrated control functions (with enhanced PID )
Programmer, batch and logical (PLC)
Free cooling function, when external condition allow, without switching-on the refrigerating units

Communication and programming:


- RS485
- RS485/RS232
Modbus RTU master/slave or serial ASCII
- Ethernet port: 10/100 Base T
- USB port for data logging and configuration

Programming/configuration tools:

- Programming software according to IEC61131-3 standards


DIN RAIL 35 x 7.5mm (EN50022)


Signals connection: Extractable 2.5mm² screw terminals block

Display and indicators

- High resolution data visualization with colour touch screen display
(sold separately)

Connectable to:

- SCADA for monitoring, traceability and remote management

Just some of possible applications:

- Multicompressor power stations
- Food holding and ripening cabinets
- Storage cabinets for fruits and vegetables
- Thermal power stations
- Boilers and steam generators

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