AIC 200 Micro-based 1/4 DIN Single Loop Controller

To provide reliable operation in sanitary environments

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The AIC 200 is a 1/4 DIN microprocessor based, single loop controller. It will control a variety of processes including those requiring simple on-off to dual 4-20mA outputs with full PID. Thermocouple and RTD linearization are automatic. Thermocouple cold junction compensation is also accomplished automatically. Input type changes are easily made by an operator. The AIC 200 is designed to provide reliable operation in sanitary environments.


  • Inputs can include thermocouple, RTD, millivolt, volt, and milliamp.
  • Standard features include: isolated process input, setpoint and output limits, on-off hysteresis and .56 inch high LED’s that will display process, setpoint, deviation, or percent output.
  • Optional features include: single or dual 4-20mA output for control or process retransmission value, up to 3 relay outputs, three types of alarms, remote setpoint input, electric motor modulation, 24V transmitter power supply and RS- 485 communications.
  • Available control types include on-off, time proportioning, current proportioning, dual output, and position proportioning.
  • Provides a high level of accuracy with a measurement error limit of ± 0.25% of reading.
  • Access to configuration procedures and setpoint may be restricted by using the instrument’s security access mode.

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