600 Micro-based 1/4 DIN Controller with Programmable Setpoint Profiles

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The AIC 600 is a 1/4 DIN microprocessor that provides great versatility in a simple, easy to use setpoint profiler controller. It can function either as a basic process controller, utilizing manual setpoint changes, or it can execute any one of eight setpoint profiles. The AIC 600 is used to control or profile temperature or other variables in a variety of applications. Temperature, pressure, flow, and level are all measured easily by the AIC 600. Brilliant LED’s provide exceptional visibility. The AIC 600’s large keypad and simple configuration allow for easy programming.


  • Each instrument will accommodate a variety of thermocouple, RTD, and process inputs, and provides single or dual control outputs and/or three event outputs.
  • Each profile can have six ramp (setpoint up or down) and six soak (setpoint remains constant) segments.
  • Complex profiles can be accomplished because any number of profiles may be linked together.
  • Unit can include dual 4-20mA current outputs which can be used for control or optional process value retransmission, and three relay or solid state relay driver outputs which can be used for control or event outputs.
  • Optional features include: up to 3 relay outputs, three types of alarms, remote setpoint input, electric motor modulation, 24V transmitter power supply, and RS-485 communications.

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