AJ-300 Recorder/Recording Controller

For sanitary fluid processing applications

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The AJ-300 family of recorders and recording controllers is designed specifically for sanitary fluid processing applications. Available in single or dual pen versions, these units record on the largest charts in the industry for maximum resolution and readability, easily meeting all health-code requirements. Housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, the unit withstands high humidity environments and frequent “washdowns”. The case is designed for surface or panel mounting.


  • 12” chart for maximum readability and accuracy
  • Nema 4X Case withstands repeated washdowns, high humidity
  • Modular relay and 4-20mA output options
  • Universal, field selectable input type
  • Simple Keypad Programming
  • 3 Year Warranty
Specifications/Spare Parts
Recording Accuracy
0.5% of chart span
Operating Range
Chart rotation time and pen ranges programmable to match pre-printed charts
Ambient Temperature Limits
Operating: 32 - 131°F (0 - 55°C), Storage: -40 - 149°F (-40 - 65°C)
Calibration Stability
Recommended maximum interval between calibration of one year
0-100%% RH, non-condensing
Supply Voltage
115 VAC standard, 230 VAC option
Relay Outputs
Up to four outputs (2 per pen max.) SPST, 5 amps at 115 VAC, resistive
Current Outputs
Up to two 4-20mA isolated outputs; 0.25% of span accuracy; 650 ohms max. loop resistance. Optional 110 VAC externally triggered (Internally triggered via one optional relay output)
Programmable for 100 ohm 3-wire RTD; 4-20 mA; 0-5 VDC; and 1-5 VDC
Electrical Connection
Screw terminal for all AC power and signal I/O
0.56" high LED s; 1 per pen
Case/Cover Material and Finishes
Foam injected Noryl, Lexan window
20 lbs. maximum
3 Years
Spare Parts
60500401 Pen Cartridge - Green
60500402 Pen Cartridge - Red
64411701 Shunt Resistor, Kit-Ma In/1-5 Vdc
64414502 Battery, Motherboard
SP10128103 Chart Motor W/Hub
SP10128407 Pen Motor
50033701 Nema 4 X Panel Gasket
60803201 Cover Seal ( 4.75' )
ET-SMM4 Seal Post - Platen
64429601 Mounting Bracket
64432009CN Motherboard Rec-None-Xps
64432010CN Motherboard Cntr-None-Xps
64432012CN Motherboard Rec-Rec-Xps
64432013CN Motherboard Cntr-Cntr-Xps
64432014CN Motherboard Cntr-Rec-Xps
64433301 Pen Arm With Screws
64436301 Seal Post/Insert - Case
SP04623705 Relay Card - 1
SP04623706 Relay Card - 2
SP04623707 Relay Card - 4
SP04623905 Retran Card - Single ( 4 - 20 Ma Out )
SP04623906 Retran Card - Dual ( 4 - 20 Ma Out )
SP04624605 Display Cntr-Cntr
SP04624606 Display Rec-None
SP04624607 Display Cntr-None
SP04624608 Display Rec-Rec
SP04624609 Display Cntr-Rec
SP10127801 Cable - Display To Stepper Driver
SP10129101 Complete Pen Mechanism - 1 Pen
SP10129201 Complete Pen Mechanism - 2 Pen
SP10129401 Platen Assembly - 1 Pen
SP10129402 Platen Assembly - 2 Pen
SP10129407 Platen Assembly - 1 Pen W/Seal And Event Pen
SP10129408 Platen Assembly - 2 Pen W/Seal And Event Pen
SP10134101 Cable - 3.5" - Connects To J8 (Post 8/97 Ser #)
SP56014E0158 Stepper Driver - 2 Pen W/Event Pen
SP73604017 Cable - 3" - Connects To J3 On Control Board
SP73604018 Cable - 6.75" - Connects To J2 On Control Board

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