1/8 DIN Process Temperature Controller

1/8 DIN Process designed to provide precise control with a quick and easy setup procedure

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FuzyPro 1/8 DIN Fuzzy Logic Heat/Cool Controllers are designed to provide precise control with a quick and easy set up procedure. SMT and microprocessor technology provides all these features plus reliability and economy. LED index indication allows full viewing and selection of parameters.

The dual display allows set point and process value visibility at all times. An advanced software algorithm automatically calculates all PID parameters to eliminate complicated manual tuning efforts. Automatic tuning can be bypassed if manual tuning is preferred. An open-loop, manual mode can be initiated if the sensor fails. Front panel electronic calibration sensor linearization self-diagnostic capabilities and cold junction compensation are all performed by the single chip microprocessor. The in-panel depth is only 2-1/2".


  • PID-Fuzzy or ON/OFF control
  • Heating/Cooling + 2 Alarms
  • Field input selection TC, RTD, Linear
  • Outputs Relay, Pulsed DC, 4-20 mAmps, SSR
  • Dual display red/green +LED% output
  • Self tuning with inhibited overshoot
  • Low Panel Depth 3 1/8" (80mm)
  • High current relay output 10 Amps
  • Multiple alarms on a single output
  • Scalable linear input
  • Rapid Cycling controls faster systems
  • Customized operator interface
  • Set point range limit
  • Plug in easy replacement from front panel
  • Operator lockout security setting

Power Supply: AC 85 to 265 Volts 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: About 4 VA
Memory Element: EPROM 10 years data retention
Display Accuracy: Within 0.2% of displayed value + 1 digit
Sampling Time: 250 ms
Isolation Resistance: DC 500 V < 10 M ohm
Operating Temperature: 14-112 Deg F
Humidity Range: 0 to 90% RH non consuming

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