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1/16 DIN Virtually no initial overshoot or temperature variations

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The FuzyPro 1/16 DIN fuzzy logic temperature controllers can easily be configured to provide precise control. The advanced Smarter Logic "Fuzzy" allows processes to be controlled better than ever before, with virtually no initial overshoot or temperature variations.

As the control detects a process disturbance the fuzzy logic continuous decision making function quickly returns the process value to the setpoint. A single ramp/soak function prevents rapid temperature changes that could damage the product being heated. An optional dwell timer enables an event to be timed on or off when preset temperature is attained. In addition self-diagnostic capabilities, sensor linearization and cold junction compensation are all performed by the powerful, single chip microprocessor.


  • Soft start ambient to set point/ramping set point and pretune
  • Heater break alarm or heater loss alarm % indication option
  • Optional heater or deviation buzzer for fault conditions
  • Various temperature sensors inputs RTD or thermocouple 0.1 deg
  • mVolts or mAmps input - 1999 to 9999 decimal as required
  • Programmable controller option 4 recipes
  • 16 steps ramp soak
  • Continuous auto tuning for tighter control at all temperatures

High current large meters 10 or 20 Amps
SCR control 0.5 sec cycle time
24 VDC, 120, 208, 240 Volts
1 phase operation
Percentage power control 0 to 100% from front panel
Heater current indecation in 1 Amp or 0.1 Amp resolution

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