TLK43 Temperature controller with universal input

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TLK 43 is a “single loop” digital microprocessor-based controller, with ON/OFF, Neutral Zone ON/OFF, PID single action, PID dual action (direct and reverse) control, PID for motorized actuators with time positioning control. The instrument is equipped with AUTO-TUNING function (FAST or OSCILLATING type), SELF-TUNING function and automatic calculation of the FUZZY OVERSHOOT CONTROL parameter for PID control.

The PID control has a particular algorithm with TWO DEGREES OF FREEDOM that optimises the instrument’s features independently of the event of process disturbances and Set Point variations. Furthermore, the instrument allows for RS485 serial communication using MODBUS-RTU communication protocol and a transmission speed up to 38.400 baud. The process value is visualized on 4 red displays, the Set value is visualized on 4 green displays while the outputs status is indicated by 4 LEDs. The instrument provides for the storage of 4 Set Points and can have up to 4 outputs: relay type or can drive solid state relays type (SSR), or it is also possible to have up to 2 analogue outputs. The input is programmable and accepts temperature probes (Thermocouples J, K, S, B, C, E, L, N, R, T; Thermo-resistances PT1000, PT100, Thermistors PTC and NTC; Infrared sensors mod. TECNOLOGIC IRS) and normalized analogue signals (0/4...20 mA, 0/1...5 V, 0/2...10 V, 0...50/60 mV, 12...60 mV).

The instrument can be equipped with an input for the current transformer, working as a Heater Break Alarm function and with a programmable digital input as an alternative to output OUT4. Other important available functions are: LoopBreak Alarm function, control power limitation, limitation of the variation speed of the control power, split-range, reaching of the Set Point at controlled speed, ramp and dwell function, Soft-Start function, parameters protection on different levels.


  • 48x48 mm panel mount controller with dual display
  • 1 probe input and up to 4 relay outputs
  • Optionals: 1 digital input (alternative to out 4), current transformer input and RS485 serial port

Process inputs:
1 universal input for temperature probes:
 - TC type: J, K, S, B, C, E, L, N, R, T
 - IR probes (J, K type)
 - RTD : PT1000, PT100
 - PTC KTY81-121 (990 Ω @ 25 °C)
 - NTC 103AT-2 (10KΩ @ 25 °C)
 - Voltage (mV) signals: 0...50 mV, 0...60 mV,
   12 ...60 mV
 - Voltage (V) signals: 0..1V, 0/1...5V, 0/2...10V
 - Current (mA) signals (shunt): 0/4...20 mA
1 Current transformer input (50 mA max.)
1 Digital input (optional as alternative to Out4)
- Free voltage

Process outputs:
Up to 4 digital outputs according to the model selection:
Out1, Out2:
- Relays SPST-NO (5 A-AC1, 2A-AC3/250 VAC)
- SSR drive voltage output (from 24VDC @ 1mA to 15mA @ 4VDC)
- 0/4... 20 mA (load max. 300 Ω)
- 0/2... 10 V.
- Relays SPST-NO (5 A-AC1, 2A-AC3/250 VAC)
- SSR drive voltage output (from 24VDC @ 1mA to 15mA @ 4VDC)
Out 4
same as Out3
Not available if digital input is configured

Power supply:
- 24 VAC/VDC
- 100... 240 VAC ±10%
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Auxiliary power supply for external transmitters (optional):
- 12 VDC /20 mA max.

Control functions:
Control strategies :
ON/OFF with neutral zone
PID single or double action (Heat/Cool)
  with two degrees of freedom alghoritm
- SELF-TUNING function
- FUZZY OVERSHOOT CONTROL automatic calculation
Soft start
Bumpless ramp for set point change
Up to 3 configurable alarms + heat break alarm
Total Accuracy: ± (0,2 % fs + 1 digit); PTC/NTC: ± (0,5 % fs + 1 digit)

Communication and configuration:
- Serial communication port:
  Insulated RS485 Modbus-RTU Slave for:
  * PC configuration
  * Connection to third party devices
- Communication on TTL port to:
  * Universal programming key
  * Remote display

48x48 mm, depth 98 mm
- 2,5 mm² screw terminals block
IP65 front frame protection, with gasket
2 displays 4 digits, red and green colour,  height: 7 mm

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