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The CD600 is a powerful stand alone single station controller capable of simultaneously controlling up to 4 loops with up to 8 PIDs and more than 120 advanced control blocks.

The CD600 is a microcomputer software for Windows systems which provides users with a user-friendly graphic interface. It can be configured through CD600 Hand-Held Terminal or the CONF600.


  • Up to four independent control loops with up to 8 PID functions;
  • 8 analog and 4 digital inputs, 8 analog and 8 digital outputs;
  • Built-in backup station for both analog and digital outputs;
  • 8-digit alphanumeric display and individual buttons for control operations;
  • Built-in 24 Vdc 160 mA power supply for up to 8 field transmitters;
  • High reliability surface mount technology;
  • More than 120 function blocks are available for user's programming;
  • Several pre-programmed control configurations including cascade, ratio, feed forward, split range, 3-element boiler feed water control, distillation column control and many more;
  • Configuration via microcomputer or Hand-Held Terminal;
  • Adjustment of control options through front panel;
Analog Inputs 1 to 5 Vdc or 0 to 5 Vdc with input impedance of 1 MΩ
4 to 20 mAdc or 0 to 20 mAdc with 250 Ω shunt resistors (removable)
Digital Inputs Open Contact: 10 KΩ min or 3 to 24 Vdc 
Closed Contact: 200 Ω (maximum) or 0 to 1.7 Vdc maximum 2 inputs may be used for frequency, from 0 to 10 Hz
Analog Output 4-4 to 20 mAdc or 0 to 20 mAdc with maximum load of 750 Ω
4-1 to 5 Vdc or 0 to 5 Vdc with minimum load of 1500 Ω
Digital Output Transistor open collector, 45 Vdc, 100 mA maximum on resistive load
Power Supply 24 Vdc
110/127/220/240 Vac - 60/50 Hz
Auxiliary Power Supply 24 Vdc, 160 mA maximum for up to 8 field transmitters
Indication and Control
  • 101-element LED bargraphs for setpoint and process variable indication
  • 41-element LED bargraph for output indication 8-digit
  • General purpose alphanumeric display LEDs for alarm, status and loop monitoring
  • Function keys
Serial Communication Port


Configuration Definition Software function blocks (programming) or pre-programmed control configurations
Configuration Entry Hand-held Terminal or IBM-PC compatible
Ambient Temperature Limits 0 to 43 ºC (32 to 109.4 ºF)
Ambient Humidity Limits 20 to 90% RH

Power Consumption

Basic: 12.5 VA (ac) / 10 W (dc)
Backup 10 VA (ac) / 8 W (dc)
Add 0.7 VA (ac) or 0.5 W (dc) / transmitter powered
Dimensions 2.834 x 5.669 x 19.468 (in)
72 x 144 x 494 (mm)

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