FB2050 Foundation Fieldbus Communication Controller

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  • Based on the IEC 1158-2 / ISA SP50.02 Physical Layer Standard for Fieldbus;
  • Provides software selectable full and half duplex communications;
  • Software controlled FCS generation for transmitter and automatic frame check sequence (FCS) detection for receiver;
  • Compatible with most microprocessors and microcontrollers with special Interface pins provided for the Motorola M68HC11 Microprocessor;
  • RAM and PROM paging and chip-select logic provided to reduce system chip count;
  • 31.25 Kbit/sec Data Rate;
  • Automatic Polarity Detection and Correction for Incoming Manchester Signal;
  • Low Power Consumption (Typically 0.6 mA @ 1.25 MHz);
  • Transmitter jabber inhibit circuitry;
  • Available in 100 Pin PQFP Packaging;

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