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The LC700 is a powerful Universal Hybrid Controller that can be used as a stand-alone or a full participant of Smar System302. Smar's experience in design was applied in a consistent way to the development of LC700 to make it more reliable and dependable even in the most demanding industrial environments and applications.


The LC700 is the seventh generation of Smar controllers, and our experience from a wide range of industries is reflected in this device. Since its introduction it has been successfully field proven in many simple and complex installations in a wide range of industries, e.g., petrochemical, water treatment, pharmaceutical, food industry, sugar mill, power plants, pollution control among others. 

Universal Hybrid Controller

As a Universal Hybrid Controller, the LC700 was designed from the beginning with traditional discrete manufacturing automation tasks, continuous regulatory process control, and batch control in mind. As a hybrid controller, the LC700 has a logical capacity and has the traditional CLP speed, besides the control characteristics and the SDCD potency. The LC700 hardware platform, with a vast range of I/O modules and communication with the field for the main industrial networks, combined with a great group of programmable function blocks and logical elements, they turn it highly versatile.
Smar can be a one-stop solution for many different applications. Today, Smar offers a complete line of Controllers, Software, Field Devices and Industrial Networking all integrated for your convenience. Moreover, your purchasing and vendor relations become simplified.

LC700 is an extremely versatile controller. See below the reasons:

  • Universal hybrid controller industrial;
  • Compact hardware provides larger reliability;
  • Tolerant to fails, with larger readiness and many redundancy levels;
  • Compact and totally to modulate;
  • Remote I/O for data transfer distributed to the long distance;
  • Already prepared for the Foundation Fieldbus and Modbus technologies;
  • Modbus/TCP and Modbus RTU for control network;
  • OPC Server Serial or Ethernet for IHM.

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