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The SMAR ICS 2.0 version 2.0-1 Serial Converter Interface is a modular system that converts the EIA-232-D to EIA-422-A or EIA-485 standard interfaces. With up to two completely independent communication channels, the ICS 2.0 version 2.0-1 is ideal for local or field applications, in system integration that requires:

  • High baud rates.
  • Long distances between equipment.
  • High EMI immunity.
  • Ground decoupling.
  • High AC line voltage variations.
  • Serial signal conversion between EIA232 and EIA422/485
  • Modular system:
       1 - Power supply module;
       2 - 232 Û 422/485 Interface modules;
       3- Passive back plane
  • Independent bus standard (EIA422 or EIA485) selection for the two serial channels:
       - Automatic
       - Manual
       - Half or full-duplex communication with EIA485
       - Half-duplex communication with EIA422
       - Baud rates up to 500 kbps
       - Optical/galvanic isolation between the two EIA232 and EIA422/485
       - Selectable multiplex between the two channels signals
       - Universal input voltage (90 to 240 VAC [48 to 440 Hz] or DC)

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