Modular design “plug and play“ such as GPRS or TCP/IP communication

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The MAGX2 is an improved version of MAGX1. It continues with the philoshophy of the modular design „plug and play“ keeping all its advantages with a few additional improvements to satisfy the feedback received from our distributors. It is a flexible device suitable for most applications, from the most simple ones where reading are checked visually to the most demanding, ones requiring a high technical solution such as GPRS or TCP/IP communication. The basic configuration consist on the transmitter including only display and buttons to guarantee the lowest price. Then is possible to add a widen range of modules to that basic configuration to add optional features as ouputs, communications or data-loging according each application requirements. Those features are added by extra modules which are in fact a small electronic boards, the size of a large postage stamp, which can be freely installed and removed from the main board in seconds. 


Accuracy ±0.2% (0.5 to 10 m/s)of actual values
Auto cleaning electrodes Intelligent sensor design – the signal is converted from analogue to digital in the sensor and sent to the transmitter using MODBUS RTU protocol.
4 electrodes: 3rd and 4th electrode for earthing and empty pipe detection
Automatic self-diagnostic tool for the sensor. A problem with the communication signal between sensor and transmitter will be reported on the transmitter display.
Bi-directional measurement
Graphic display with 6 touch buttons included in all versions – Multi-language menu. Higher protection via look out system for touch buttons and 3 levels of passwords. User, Service, Factory settings
When using a communication module, all communication are based on MODBUS RTU (only one communication module can be installed at the same time):
BLUETOOTH as a communication option.
TCP/IP module – Intranet use is extremely straightforward with the flowmeter having its own IP- address. Using MAGX2 software is possible to connect to the flowmeter via internet from any place in the world.
GPRS Wireless communication system which allows to full control of the flowmeter
GSM-SMS communication which alloys to receive/request information from the flowmeter
RS232, RS485 and USB communications also available
1 compact and 3 remote configuration available.
Real time clock included in the basic transmitter unit.
Modules can easily be installed or remove at any time in seconds allowing to update the configuration of the flowmeter.
Data-logging: done on a standard Micro Secure Digital card compatible with all main producers.
Connections available: DIN, ANSI, JIS, wafer, Tri-clamp, ANSI 11851. Others on request
Liner materials available: Hard rubber, PTFE, PFA, soft rubber.
Electrode material stainless steel as standard. Also hastelloy C, tantalum, titanium and platinum available
Sizes available from 10mm to 1000mm
IP67 transmitter protection. IP68 sensor protection available for remote installations
Temperature sensor – to measure temperature of the measured medium
Pulse module available: Open collector output included.
Current 4–20mA output available
Automatic temperature compensation of the sensor
Power supply options: 90–250VAC +/- 10%, 50–60Hz, 24VDC or 12VDC.
Data downloading and communication does not require disassembly of the housing. No removal of large covers or lids is necessary. When using RS485, Bluetooth, GPRS or TCP/IP communication, data-downloading and communication is provided with IP67 protection.

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