Limit Alarm Controller 6700 1/16 DIN

6700 1/16 DIN A programmable safety cut out with optional outputs for annunciators and alarms

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The FuzyPro 1/16 DIN fuzzy logic limit alarm controller model 6700 provides a programmable safety cut out with optional outputs for annunciators and alarms. A latched relay cuts power to the process if it exceeds the safe value. The unit must be reset before the process can continue.

Alarm Limits

  • High Limit FM Approved
  • Manual Reset
  • Local or Remote Reset
  • Fail Safe Relay Output
  • Latching Alarms With Reset
  • Highest Alarm Display
  • Settable High/Low Alarms


  • Universal Inputs: RTD, Thermocouple mAmps mVolts DC Volts
  • Outputs: Relay, Logic, Triac, DC for SCR's, 4-20 mAmps, Or Linear DC
  • Sizes: 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4 DIN Sizes NEMA 4 Rated IP 66
  • Power Supply: 85 to 265 Volts AC or Low Voltage AC/DC Option
  • Communications: RS 485 With Custom Software
  • Upgrades: All above controls are field upgrade-able to communications, extra alarms etc.

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