Junction Box for Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus PA

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The JM1 is a junction box especially designed for Fieldbus connections that makes wiring considerably easier. The IP67 rated enclosure combined with appropriate cable gland, protects the wire connections from dust, water and moisture. It may be used indoors or outside and can withstand the most severe environments.

The cover with internal threads permits an easy access to the terminals, without the use of tools. The terminals are twin type at both ends. They can be used as the input and output of the bus in one end and as device output in the other end, keeping apart the wires that should be disconnected in case of device maintenance. This arrangement makes possible the disconnection of a single device without disrupting the continuity of the whole segment.


  • Prevents short-circuiting the entire bus during maintenance;
  • Allows an easy and safe device connection to the Fieldbus;
  • Reduces the start-up time and simplifies electrical maintenance;
  • Permits disconnecting one device without disrupting the continuity of the bus;
  • The weather proof housing prevents water, oil and dust from reaching the connections;
  • Conduit connection according to several different international standards;
  • Heavy duty copper free cast aluminum construction;
  • Cover gasket allows the use in water-tight or wash-down applications;
  • Locking mechanism;
  • Do not require lugs.

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