InPro 6860i Optical Oxygen Sensor

Designed for biopharmaceutical industry use in bench top Research and Development up to validated production fermenters

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Easy Handling, Exceptional Performance

The InPro 6860i dissolved oxygen sensor was especially designed for biopharmaceutical industry use in bench top Research and Development up to validated production fermenters.

Low maintenance with no compromise on dissolved oxygen sensor performance is now possible thanks to InPro6860i. Fully equipped with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM), it allows easy sensor maintenance and calibration routines together with automatic electronic documentation.

Features and Benefits

Easy handling

Plug and Measure for fast start-up
Pre-calibration in the lab with iSense software
Compatible with digital and analog installations

Exceptional performance

Improved optical technology ensures high accuracy
Automatic Stability Control for superior measurement stability

Uncompromised reliability

Predictive maintenance
Real-time status information through ISM diagnostics
Pre-batch diagnostics with iSense software

Hygienic design

PTFE coating on OptoCap sensing element prevents biofouling
O-ring free OptoCap for excellent cleanability
Segment /Application Biopharmaceutical/fermentation applications with frequent
sterilization/autoclavings requirement
Accuracy +/-1 % + 8 ppb
Mechanical pressure resistance Max. 6 bar (87 psi)
Detection Range 8 ppb to saturation
Operating temperature 0 … 60 °C
Available lengths 120 mm, 220 mm, 320 mm, 420 mm
Description Mixed mode interface digital (ISM) and analog (nA) output signal for direct biocontrollers and
transmitters installations

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