InPro6870i Optical Oxygen Sensor

Designed for use in bioreactors where SIP is used for sanitization

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A new standard for process safety

The InPro6870i as an extension of INGOLD`s portfolio for optical oxygen sensors is designed for use in bioreactors where SIP is used for sanitization, whereas the InPro6880i can be autoclaved after the sensor head has been removed. Together with the new transmitter M400ISM technology offers enhanced diagnostics to improve process safety drastically. Dynamic Lifetime Indicator (DLI) for replacement planning of the OptoCap and Adaptive Calibration Timer for highest accuracy during the process are only two of the new features to optimize the process. Additionally, the InPro6870i features a faster response time due to its temperature sensor now situated closer to the sensor tip, leading to a more accurate calibration and better process control. INGOLD`s optical oxygen sensors set a new standard for process safety.

Features and Benefits

Better measurements

Reduced signal drift and faster response time compared to amperometric sensors guarantees maximum accuracy of the oxygen measurement. Longer maintenance intervals allow for longer batch times with highest level of process controlling.

Higher process safety

Digital communication offers interference-free signal transmission, independent of the cable length. The DLI and ACT allows for long term measurement within the specified accuracy. The quality of the measurement is predictable.

Maintenance redefined with ISM

The built-in ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) provides the user with enhanced diagnostic functions for detailed maintenance planning. Maintenance as often as necessary, but as less then possible. ISM tells you when!

Easy operation

Simplified electrolyte-free sensor handling without the need of polarization guarantees maximum availability of the sensor. The InPro6870i with its Plug and Measure functionality combined with fastest opto-cap replacement sets a new standard in ease of use. Handling errors are excluded.
Segment /ApplicationBiopharmaceutical/fermentation applications with
frequent sterilization/autoclavings requirement
Accuracy+/-1 % + 8 ppb
Material in contact with mediumstainless steel (AISI316L) with 3.1B certificates
Mechanical pressure resistancemax. 6 bar (87 psi) absolute
Detection Range8 ppb to saturation
Connector5 Pin
Insertion lengthfor 12 mm: 120, 220, 320, 420 mm
DescriptionDigital interface (ISM) with plug and measure and pre-batch diagostics

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