Carbon monoxide sensor GPro 500

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The most accurate and reliable instrument for efficient combustion control applications.

The GPro 500 CO TDL is the most accurate and reliable instrument for efficient combustion control applications. By allowing trim control operation mode, the excess air limit can be lowered and adapted to changing conditions without jeopardizing safety. Fast CO monitoring is used in:

Process control
Fired heaters 
Features and Benefits

Tunable Diode Laser spectroscopy

Dependable, industry-proven technology

Simple installation

Thanks to probe design and single flange connection

In situ measurement

Direct measurements in the gas stream are fast and reliable

SpectraID technology

For highly reliable O2 measurement

Low cost of ownership

No sampling or conditioning equipment. Annual verification and periodic optics cleaning are the only maintenance

Low nitrogen purging consumption

For lower operation costs

Predictive ISM diagnostics

Continually monitor optical path quality to determine when cleaning will be required
Effective path lengthProbes: 100, 200, 400 mm (3.94", 7.87", 15.75")
Wafer cell: 50, 80, 100 mm (1.96", 3.15", 3.94")

Extractive cell: 200, 400, 800, 1000mm, 10m
Lower Detection Limit1 ppm-v
Measurement range0-20,000 ppm (0-2%)
Accuracy2% of reading or 1 ppm, whichever is greater
LinearityBetter than 1%
Resolution1 ppm-v
DriftNegligible (<2% of measurement range between maintenance intervals)
Sampling rate1 second
Response time (T90)CO in N2 300 ppm-v to 0% in <4 sec
Repeatability±0,25% of reading or 5 ppm-v CO (whichever is greater)
Process pressure range0.8 bar - 2 bar (abs)/11.6 psi - 29. psi (abs)
Process temperature range0-250 ºC(32-482 ºF) 
Optional(for probe instalation) 0-600 ºC (0-1112 ºF) with additional thermal barrier

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