DS400 Docking Station for the G450/G460 gas detectors

DS400 Docking Station for the G450/G460 gas detectors

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The ultimate docking station for instrument maintenance is the DS400 Docking Station for the G450/G460 gas detectors. The DS400 automatically performs functional bump test and calibration; simply place the detector in the dock and the system will take over from there. The DS400 automatically performs a full functional test including fresh air calibration, bump test, extensive sensor tests, alarm tests and optionally performs an automatic AutoCal® calibration. After testing, you can quickly print official calibration or bump test certificates.

The DS400 is designed to go beyond the traditional basic docking station tests and includes sensor diagnostics tests such as T50 and T90. After all tests have been completed the DS400 will automatically start the charging process of the detector or you may remove and begin using it.

The DS400 docking station can retain as many as 2 million complete diagnostics in memory with maximum memory installed. That is over 50 years of data even if testing 100 detectors every single day!

The DS400 is designed to reduce the cost of ownership every step of the way. The built in pump has variable flow control to reduce the amount of gas consumed during the test. The DS400 is even smart enough take advantage of the gas remaining in the tubing after the previous test was completed. With this reduced cost of ownership and the ease of operation, the DS400 docking station is a must have accessory to the G450 and G460 gas monitors.


  • Fully automatic functional bump test and calibration
  • Automatic test of alarms, charging and record keeping
  • Simple pass / fail indication
  • Saves last calibration and bump test records in detector for easy retrieval of maintenance record in the field
  • No computer necessary
  • Up to 2,000,000 records in memory
  • Cascade multiple docking stations
  • Saves times, gas and efforts for lower cost of ownership
  • Print official calibration certificates 

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