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TS400 Test Station for use as a charger as well as a test station

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The TS400 is available (optionally) for use as a charger as well as a test station. After all tests have been completed you may leave the detector in the TS400 for recharging.

The TS400 test station can retain as many as 2 million complete diagnostics in memory with maximum memory installed. That is over 50 years of data even if testing 100 detectors every single day!

The TS400 comes complete with USB interface cable and download software. The SD card may also be downloaded using a standard SD card reader.


  • Fully automatic functional bump test
  • Automatic test of alarms, charging option and record keeping
  • Store bump test records for easy retrieval and report generation Up to 2,000,000 records in memory Economic use of test gas
  • Simple pass/fail indication
  • Saves time, gas and effort for lower cost of ownership

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