DP1500 Intrinsically Safe Differential Pressure Switch

For pressures between 2 mBar and 12 Bar

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This range incorporates diaphragm actuation for pressures between 2 mBar and 12 Bar. The wetted parts are manufactured from 316 stainless steel . Single or dual independently adjustable SPCO/SPDT microswitches are housed in a black anodised aluminium housing sealed to IP66/IP67 standards. Option of adjustable deadband or DPDT.

Part numbers for this range of differential pressure switches include DP1501, DP1502, DP1503, DP1504 DP1505, DP1506, DP1507, DP1508, DP1509, DP150A, DP150C, DP150D, DP150E, DP150K & DP150M.


  • Intrinsically safe certification ATEX CE Ex II1G Exia IIC 
    T6 Ta -50 to +78°C, T5 Ta -50 to +93°C, T4 Ta -50 to +128°C
  • ANC4B 316 stainless steel or black anodised aluminium case
  • Calibrated adjustment scale
  • Pressure settings between 2 mBar and 12 Bar
  • Manual reset pushbutton option

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