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MECP2000 Portable High Pressure Pneumatic Hand Pump an alternative to hydraulic pumps or heavy nitrogen cylinders for high pressure calibration

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Finally an alternative to hydraulic pumps or heavy nitrogen cylinders for high pressure calibration

The Martel/Beta high pressure hand pump is a revolutionary portable pneumatic pump that can generate pressure up to 2000 psi (140 bar) and vacuum to -14 psi (-0.9 bar) quickly and easily. The MECP2000 uses a unique dual stage pump design where a low pressure, high volume chamber is used to pre-charge a secondary high pressure chamber. This allows the pump to reach high pressure quickly and with a minimal amount of effort. The pump motio n stays smooth through the entire stroke. A precise vernier control allows pressure to be fine tuned with high resolution. The vernier chamber provides enough range so it can be used to generate low pressure (200″ H2o or 500 mbar) with no pumping. Both high and low pressure calibrations can be done with one device.


  • High pressure calibrations where hydraulic pumps are not preferable
  • Eliminate the need for nitrogen cylinders or use as back-up to nitrogen
  • Bench-top gauge comparator
  • General pneumatic calibration

General Features

  • Generate -14 psi (-0.9 bar) to 2000 psi (140 bar) by hand
  • Precision vernier allows fine adjustment at both high and low pressures
  • Vent valve offers precise control and vents at the pressure connection to prevent pump contaminates
  • Use as both a portable or bench-top pump
  • Double output manifold with 1/4 female NPT fitting (includes BSP adapters)
  • Extremely rugged design will stand up to field use
  • Isolation valve protects pump and increases fine control range
Pressure Range: -14 psi (-0.9 bar) to 2000 psi (140 bar)
Pressure Connections: 2 x 1/4" FNPT (2 BSP adapters are included)
Size (without gauge): 21.5 x 10.6" x 4.5"
55cm x 27cm x 11.5cm
Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)

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