TP31-IR - Infrared Thermometer - Contactless Temperature Measurement

With the TP31-IR, surface temperatures can be determined quickly and contactless.

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Thanks to an adjustable emissivity level and a double laser, which serves as a target device, the surfaces of a wide range of materials can be precisely measured.

The focal point of the device lens is 150 mm (TP31-IR121) or 762 mm (TP31-IR301) from the beam exit opening. There the measuring spot has a diameter of 12.5 mm respectively 25.4 mm, resulting in a ratio of D:S of 12:1 or 30:1. The size of the measuring spot corresponds to 90 % of the measured energy. The TP31-IR301 therefore also allows accurate measurements of small surfaces from further distances.


  • 12:1 (-50…650 °C) or 30:1 optics (-50…1000 °C)
  • Two-beam laser sight
  • Automatic data hold
  • Units can be switched between °C and °F
  • Emissivity level adjustable between 0.1 and 1.0
  • MAX temperature display
  • Illuminated display
  • Automatic range selection and display resolution of 0.1 °C or 0.1 °F
  • Activatable trigger lock
  • Freely selectable lower and upper alarm limits

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