Measures the CO2 concentration in rooms and emits an audible and visual alarm (fresh air indicator) when a value of 1,400 ppm is exceeded.

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Red mute button on the front of the housing. Fits directly on standard US surface-mounted boxes.

• Measurement range: 0…2,000 ppm
• Measurement technique: infrared (NDIR) with automatic calibration
• Accuracy: ±30 ppm
• Power supply: 16...29 VDC/AC • Output 1 (0...2,000 ppm): 0…10 VDC
• Output 2 (0...2,000 ppm): 4…20 mA (no output 2 in CF3-W-EU(US)-Disp-FLI)
• Range of application: 0…50 °C (30...120 °F) / 0…95 %RH
• Maintenance: not necessary
• Lifetime: >15 years

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