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This new generation Smart IO Modules based on RS485 Modbus communication is available now for data acquisition and other applications. These IO Modules offer good reliability, easy for installation, easy maintenance, wide range of operating input power, communication isolation of 3000VDC, watchdog timer to monitor remote host such as PC, PLC, PAC. They can be easily added into existing RS485 modbus network. Different types of IO Modules are available for the users to select as per their requirement. All Modules are having LED indications for monitoring the status of inputs(Digital) and fault diagnostics. Analog input modules are available with universal inputs also. They can accept voltage, current and thermocouple signals. The analog inputs are isolated between channels. Special modules are available with high interchannel isolation between channels and high isolation betweeen channel and ground for special applications. These IO Modules can configured as slaves with Modbus RTU Protocol to communicate with Modbus Master such as PLC, HMI, SCADA. All IO Modules have 2 wire RS485 Interface with Modbus RTU Protocol.


  • Portable low-cost IO modules addition to existing PLC/SCADA system
  • Modbus connectivity on RS485 Network
  • Wide range of baud rates for communication from 1200 BPS to 115.2K BPS
  • IO modules used with the third party softwares via Modbus RTU protocol
  • Interface with field devices to provide real-time data for SCADA/PLC/HMI
  • Simple setup and easy handling
  • Simple DaisyChain Connection without wiring
  • Various types of IO Modules AI, AO, DI, DO, RTD, thermocouples are available
  • Availability of universal Input (Current/Voltage/Thermocouple) Modules
  • High resolution analog input modules
  • Wide power input range from 10V to 60V DC
  • Over voltage protection and 3000V DC isolation for communication
  • User friendly setup software for configuration and troubleshooting
  • Data acquisition software for data storage and Real-Time analysis on PC
  • LEDs on every module for digital IO status, communication and power supply
  • Hot swap and auto configuration

Digital Input/Output Modules 
Model No SIO-6RTD
No of Channels


Power Consumption 1.6W
Type of Input RTD
RTD Type Platinum 100 α=0.00385 (IEC)-100~100℃, Platinum 100 α=0.00385 (IEC)0~100℃, Platinum 100 α=0.00385 (IEC)0~200℃, Platinum 100 α=0.00385 (IEC)0~600℃, Platinum 100 α=0.00385 (IEC)-200~200℃, Platinum 100 α=0.00385 (IEC)-200~600℃, Platinum 100 α=0.00392 (JIS)-100~100℃, Platinum 100 α=0.00392 (JIS)0~100℃, Platinum 100 α=0.00392 (JIS)0~200℃, Platinum 100 α=0.00392 (JIS)0~600℃, Platinum 100 α=0.00392 (JIS)-200~200℃, Platinum 100 α=0.00392 (JIS)-200~600℃, Platinum 1000 α=0.00385 -200~600℃, Nickel 120Ω -80~100℃, Nickel 120Ω 0~100℃, Nickel 100Ω-60~180℃, Nickel 100Ω-60~180℃, Cu 50@0℃ α=0.00421 -50~150℃, Cu 100@0℃ α=0.00421 -200~200℃, Cu 100@25℃ α=0.00427 -200~200℃, Cu 1000@0℃ α=0.00421 -20~150℃
Open Wire Detection Yes
Resolution 16 Bit
Sampling Rate 2.5 Sample/ Second per Channel
Independent Channel Configuration Yes
Accuracy ±0.05% FSR
Span Drift ±25 ppm/℃
Zero Drift ±6μV/℃
CMRR@50/60Hz 120dB
NMRR@50/60Hz 100dB
Isolation between Channels ±120V DC

General Specifications
Power Supply voltage 10 to 60V DC
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Watchdog Timer Systerm:1.6 Seconds Fixed
Communication: Programmable
Connector Type #16~30AWG plug in Terminal Block
Dimension (L*W*H) 115.2*47.2*134.7 mm
Operating Temperature -25℃ to 70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃ 75℃
Humidity 5 to 95%
Communication Interface RS485
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU
Baudrate 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 BPS and 115.2 KBPS
Communication Isolation Protection 3000V DC

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