PRTrans1000IS Data Logger

Intrinsically Safe, Transient Pressure Data Logger with 1/4 in NPT fitting and Stainless Steel Enclosure. Includes NIST traceable calibration certificate.

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The PRTrans1000IS is an intrinsically safe, rugged, transient pressure data logger that records time and date stamped transient pressure event data at user-defined intervals and threshold triggers. The PRTrans1000IS has been Factory Mutual certified as intrinsically safe for Class I, Division 1, groups A, B, C and D and non-incendive for Class I, Division 2, groups A, B, C and D. This certification makes the device ideal for uses in hostile environment applications.

Its stainless steel enclosure is designed for use in harsh, industrial environments. Features a ¼ in NPT fitting for easy connection to gas, water, steam and hydraulic pressure lines. Data is sampled continuously at 100Hz, but is recorded only when a user-programmed threshold is met. The device can record up to 255 events and take as many as 262,143 pressure samples. Perfect for capturing high-speed, erratic pressure data over long periods of time. Available in several pressure ranges, Absolute (A) and Gauge (G). Intrinsically Safe (IS) versions, also available.



Pressure Sensor Semiconductor (strain gauge)
Pressure Range 0 to 30, 100, 300 and 500 PSIA/G; 0 to 1000 or 5000 PSIA
Pressure Resolution See Specifications Sheet
Pressure Calibrated Accuracy 2 %FSR, 0.25 % at 25 °C (77°F) typical


Memory Up to 262,143 samples
Reading Rate 10 milliseconds to 1 second
Baud Rate 115,200
Battery Life 3 days @10 milliseconds/sample
Material 303 stainless steel
Dimensions 6.4 in x 1.25 in dia. (163 mm x 32 mm)
Submersible Yes
Operating Environment -40 °C to +80 °C (-40 °F to +176 °F), 0 %RH to 100 %RH
Required Interface Package IFC200
Approvals CE, IS rated

Range (PSI) 0-30 0-100 0-300 0-500 0-1000 0-5000
Accuracy 2 %FSR, 0.25 % @ 25 °C Typical
Resolution (PSI) 0.02 0.1 0.2 0.5 1.0 5.0

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