pH Rugged Electrode

A submersible CPVC pH Electrode that is suited for use in outdoor applications such as monitoring drums, tanks or streams. To interface with a MadgeTech pH data logger, a cable assembly is required and must be purchased separately.

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The pH-Rugged Electrode is a submersible CPVC pH electrode that is suited for use in outdoor applications such as monitoring drums, tanks or streams. The electrode has a quick latch mechanism which allows it to be inserted into a BNC connector by simply rotating it a quarter turn. For use with the MadgeTech pH loggers, a cable assembly and an RTD temperature reference is required.

Two mounting assembly options are available. The pH-Rugged ATC Cable mounting assembly connects directly to the pH-Rugged Electrode and has a built in RTD probe, providing automatic temperature compensation (ATC). The pH-Rugged Probe cable assembly connects to the pH-Rugged Electrode and can be used with an external RTD probe or may be used with one of the resistor kits included with the MadgeTech pH loggers. Automatic Temperature Compensation is preferred, as it provides the best accuracy. When the precision and accuracy of ATC is not necessary, use the included resistor kit to simulate the temperature of the application to minimize error.

Compatible with the MadgeTech pHTemp2000 data logger.

Resistor Kit: Reference the table included with the resistor kit to calibrate the resistor to simulate the temperature of the application.

Life expectancy: The pH-Rugged Electrode has a life expectancy of 6-12 months depending on use.



Temperature Range 65 °C (150 °F)


pH Range 0 pH to 14 pH (±1000 mV)


Dimensions pH-Rugged Electrode: 3 in x 0.9 in (76 mm x 23 mm)
pH-Rugged Cable: 120 in x 0.83 in (3048 mm x 21 mm)
pH-Rugged ATC Cable: 120 in x 1.3 in (3048 mm x 33 mm)

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