SSRF Solid state relay with fuse holder, fuse and varistor

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Process inputs:

Digital inputs signal range:

- 3 or 4-32VDC
- 20 - 275VAC, 24-190 VDC

Process outputs:

Rated operating voltage:
- 230 VAC
- 600 VAC
Rated operational current:
- 20 A
- 23 A
- 30 A
- 40 A
- 60 A
- 85 A
Up to 6600A²s for I²t and 1200Vp blocking voltage
Integrated voltage transient protection with varistor
Short circuit current rating: 100kA


Swiching mode:
- Zero Switching (Zero crossing)


Mounting method: panel mount
Dimensions 106 x 35,6 x 167,8 mm size
IP 20 protection

Connectable to:

- Any controller from Ascon Tecnologic range with the appropriate I/Os

Available models:

- SSRF 60020 (RGC1PFA60D20GGE):
600V 20A 4.5÷32 VDC
- SSRF 60030 (RGC1PFA60D30GGE):
600V 30A 4.5÷32 VDC
- SSRF 60040 (RGC1PFA60D40GGE):
600V 40A 4.5÷32 VDC

Design according to:
EN/IEC60947-4-2, EN/IEC60947-4-3, EN/IEC62314, UL508, CSA 22-2 No. 14-10
RoHS compliant
VDE approval Germanischer Lloyd approval

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