AT303 PROFIBUS-DP Active Terminator

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The AT303 is an active terminator developed to increase the PROFIBUS-DP network availability and facilitate accessing any node on the PROFIBUS-DP bus without putting the network in an intermittent condition. This way, any network slave can be switched off, removed or replaced without harming the communication, especially when the terminators are enabled on the network end slaves.
The AT303 terminator can be mounted inside the panels with DIN rail or even on the field in boxes. 

Main features

  • 24Vdc insulated power supply;
  • Galvanic insulation;
  • Speeds from 9.6 kbits/s to 12 Mbits/s;
  • LED for power supply indication;
  • One PROFIBUS DP frontal DB9 connector;
  • One connector PROFIBUS DP terminal block; 


Removing the devices, which have terminators enabled or even on their faults, the Profibus network will lose the termination, generating intermittencies and communication failures.
Network without AT303 - terminator on the device
With the AT303, the Profibus network always has terminators enabled. This increases the network availability and also allows easy removal of devices without missing the termination, ensuring the communication integrity.
Profibus-DP network with active terminators

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