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DFI302 is a key-interfacing element in the distributed architecture of field control systems. It combines powerful communication features with direct I/O access and advanced control for discrete and continuous applications. Due to its modular structure, it can be placed inside panels in the control room or sealed boxes in field. Highly expandable, it is targeted to applications ranging from small standalone systems to large and complex plants.

DFI302 is a modular multifunctional device with a DIN-rail mounted backplane into which all components are installed, including main and fieldbus power supplies (DF50 and DF52, respectively), controllers (DF51, DF62, DF63, DF73 and others), and line impedance (DF53) modules. They are plugged-in through industrial grade connectors and by using a robust metal screw. A conventional I/O subsystem with modules for analog and discrete inputs and outputs can be connected (optional). Modularity is the keyword for DFI302 flexibility. Besides, since all modules including the fieldbus power supply subsystem are plugged into the same backplane, the DFI302 comes up as a single integrated unit. 

Main Features:

Distributed architecture
The modular concept of the DFI302 makes it the perfect building block of the system topology. Any topology can be created with the DFI302. All system set up and maintenance can be easily done with high efficiency and interoperability. The distribution of the control task among field devices and multiple DFI302 systems increases the overall performance and reliability. 

High Reliability
The distributed and embedded architecture of the DFI302 warrants high reliability even if in industrial environments: no HDDs, and no mechanical moving parts. The internal processes (communication, function blocks, supervision, etc.) are controlled by a prioritized multitasking operating system guaranteeing determinism and real-time operation. 

The DFI302 is completely configurable through FOUNDATION fieldbus function blocks. It allows the whole system (DFI302 and field devices) to be set up by single software. 

The DFI302 is developed with the most updated technology. The use of leading technologies as OPC (OLE for Process Control) makes the DFI302 the most flexible fieldbus interface in the market.

The OPC server allows the DFI302 to be connected to any supervision package. The only requirement is to have an HMI compatible with OPC. DFI302 connects with most HMI in the market, customizing our System302 to your needs. 

System Integration
The advanced communication features found in the DFI302 warrant high system integration. 

DFI302 supports hot-standby redundancy in several levels:

  • OLE Server
  • LAS (Link Active Scheduler)
  • Ethernet
  • Function Blocks
  • H1 Links
  • Modbus Gateway 

Each controller can directly access I/O points distributed among local I/O modules. Exploring fieldbus features like interoperability, bridge, and Ethernet, DFI302 system becomes a virtually unbounded solution for industry automation.

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